Waving! I have thrilling news. 

We will have our first deaf interpreter conference this summer - June 20 Saturday through June  24 Wednesday morning.  

The theme is Deaf Interpreters: Today and Beyond.

Website has been launched - diconference.com.

Please understand not everything has been completed yet and its still work in progress.

Registration is now ready and you can proceed and enter that page and fill in your registration. 

Program has not been announced as it is still work in progress.

Basic program would look like this: Saturday all day, we will have something like "Retreat" where all DI and CDI would get together and do different activities all day long. 

Then on Sunday
morning Keynote followed with workshops the rest of the day.  

Monday and Tuesday Plenary followed with workshops the rest of the days.

Wednesday morning there will be an Endnote. 

Monday and Tuesday will have activities related
with interpreting and discourse.  

The committee contains
of two co-chairs - Janis Cole [sign J-C on nose] and [sign J on chin] Jimmy Beldon, co-chairs. 

Others in the committee are Juliann Wasisco, Curt Slater, Alicia McClurkan, and Jeff Pollack. 

More information, as they come, will be posted. 

We are really looking forward and am very motivated.  

We sure hope you will come and join in our first Deaf Interpreter Conference. 

All presenters, workshops, facilitators are all Deaf.

Registered participants are all Deaf.  

Come and support our new profession as interpreters.  

Thumbs Up!  Hat Tip to you all!