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40 hours Deaf Interpreter Training announces as a pre conference program. Any questions, please contact the DIC3 team.

Transcript: I'm Chad A. Ludwig, I am co-chair for DIC3 here in Monmouth, Oregon. I'm excited and am thrilled to announce the 40-hours Deaf Interpreter training as this will take place prior to the main conference. It begin at 6pm on Friday, June 21st until 9pm then all day (8-12, 1-5, 6-9pm) on Saturday, Sunday and Monday then on Tuesday, June 25th from 8-12 and 1-5pm then join with everyone else at 7pm for main conference's open ceremony. 

Who are the co-teachers? Naomi Sheneman and Jerrin George!

The registration for 40-hours Deaf interpreter training is $250. Please make payment via Eventbrite to secure your spot. This is first come and first serve. Please proceed with conference registration and make a full payment for $600 conference (deadline 4/15) and 40-hours deaf interpreter training (deadline 4/25). We recognized the expenses of $250 and $600 may be challenge for some new emerging Deaf interpreters, we do offer scholarship and more information are available on our website. 

For those who complete the 40-hours Deaf interpreter training will be able to take RID written exam and this is open to anyone else who wishes to take written test on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons during the main conference week. CASLI will announce details as it get closer to the conference with their expectation, requirement and how to sign up to take the written test. 

For more information or questions, please visit our website or contact our DIC3 team at Thank you!

Pre Conference Training