Call for Presenter

Video Description: WHAT: DIC3 Call For Presenters

WHEN: JUNE 25-29 2019

WHERE: Western Oregon University, Monmouth Oregon

Theme: Choice, Chance & Change

DEADLINE: March 1st, 2019

Submission link: [Video Description]: DIC 3 Temporary Logo appears on the 1-minute video. Ronise Barreras, Program and Workshop Coordinator appears with a blue shirt and hair pulled back. She is explaining in depth regarding the unique schedules of DIC 3 with 4 conference tracks, which is the following:

1. DeafBlind

2. Medical

3. International Sign

4. Deaf Interpreters in General

Ronise also mentions the content of the tracks will begin with general ideas and will increase in emphasis as the conference moves forward. By the time DIC 3 concludes, everyone will leave with the benefits of being part of thought-provoking discussions! Do you have what it takes to facilitate thought-provoking discussions? If so, we want you! [Video shows link for the call to presenters]

[Ronise signing] The deadline for the Call to Presenters is MARCH 1st, 2019. See you there! Thank you. [Ronise smiling]. Video concludes.